3 Reasons it’s Time to Start Using Freelancers

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Hiring freelancers is the right choice for so many reasons, but we will cover three for today: access to a larger talent group, temporary skills on demand, and money savings.

Access to a larger talent group

Every business has certain limitations when hiring help. For example, your business may be located in a small town in the middle of nowhere, making it difficult to access a larger talent pool. Your geographical location is just one way your business is limited. Over 34% of the US workforce are freelancers; over 53 million untapped professionals ready to be hired. Stop limiting yourself by only looking for in-office employees, and start considering your options of hiring remote freelance workers to help bring in the skills you need to take your business to the next level.

Temporary skills on demand

Now more than ever, business owners all over the United States are finding it difficult to find and keep qualified employees.Other times business owners are drowning but can’t afford another full-time or even part-time person. Maybe you don’t have consistent work to hire help, but you are swamped from time to time. You may have projects continually pushed to the back burner because you never have enough time to complete them [heck, maybe even start them]. Whatever the reason, having skills readily available for temporary hire is an asset. It puts you in a position to be ready to say yes to a new opportunity. Having freelancers at your fingertips gives you the help you need… when you need it.


Money Savings

While there may be a sticker shock at the price of hiring a freelancer, the reality is it will save you a lot! We all know that an employee’s pay rate is only a portion of the cost to the employer. There are numerous additional costs such as FICA, benefits, overhead, training, purchasing equipment, or the resources they need to complete their work. When hiring a freelancer, you pay the agreed-upon price, period. You are not wasting money paying a freelancer to chat at the water cooler, or call in minutes before their scheduled shift. You pay for a service they are providing. Hiring a skilled freelancer will often take significantly less time than a catch-all employee to complete the same task.


Bottom line, you save money when hiring freelancers.

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